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“Before the closing of my live show in December 2018, performers came together as a group and sang a new song I wrote for the event – Keep Shining – an expressive anthem inspired by artists’ stories, a vital reminder to never give up. While I voiced my inner fears, doubts, questions and insecurities, our live performers kept repeating the chorus to “Keep Shining” as a powerful, uplifting counterpoint. I collaborated with our ‘ lights in the darkness’ community, where more than 20 artists contributed their voices. The video is inspired by my own story and transformations struggling with rare chronic illness – dermatomyositis, disability and recovery.” – Lisa Sniderman

Aoede’s uplifting, empowering anthem “Keep Shining,” a collaboration with more than 20 artists, shares her story and struggle with illness, disability and recovery, and is a powerful and poignant reminder to never give up. Animation: Sisara Sanal.

See https://alightinthedarkness.info/keep-shining for full credits and accolades.

Single available on iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/keep-shining-single/1465788477

Award Winner and Official Selection of more than 22 international film festivals and contests.

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Lisa Sniderman

I'm Lisa Sniderman, an award-winning artist known as Aoede, playwright, author and filmmaker who has been battling Dermatomyositis for more than 13 years, while obsessively creating to express and heal. I realized in all this time, through creating albums, musicals, films and even my memoir, I forgot to grieve... and realized through music I could also reach and empower others who may have also forgotten to grieve... so I created "The Grieving Project." Helping others who also struggle with chronic illness gives me purpose. In July 2020, I held a free two-week online virtual summit sharing 60+ videos I recorded with experts during 2019 to help others living with chronic illness thrive, attended by 1,800 participants. https://alightinthedarkness.info/the-grieving-project/

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