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  • Wonderful and emotional!

  • It was a bless finding MSU

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    My name is Roberto, I’m an Italian 40-year-old who lives in Rome.

    First of all, sorry for my English, I’ll try my best.

    I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis (DM) in April 2015, and at the time I had so much […]

    • @roberto79 Thank you for sharing your experience with the mental health side of life with myositis. It is difficult keeping a positive attitude, even on the best days. And getting others to understand what we go through each day, just trying to live a “normal” life seems impossible at times. I hope your flare subsides and you start feeling better very soon. I am so glad you found MSU!

    • ac replied 4 years ago

      thank you Roberto for sharing this; i hope you do find time to be “selfish” and do things for yourself: things that make it bareable to wake up every day with this disease. And trying to present “normal” to even those closest to me is frustrating. Because then they start thinking everything is fine. and we that live with this everyday all know that, it is not. so be kind to yourself and allow yourself to hav those super hard days…and frankly, allow others to see that.

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