Wearing my mask to fight

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Robin Sisson

My life was very active with salsa dancing, going to gym, gardening, running an interior design business, flipping homes, running air BnB properties, family,  friends, and church.

Summer of 2017 I became very weak, so little energy it was hard to even get out of bed and dress for the day. My hair fell out, my skin turned red, my legs were weak, my wrist and hips hurt, I could hardly walk up a stair...my face and hands became so swollen I could hardly see, and I had no grip in my weak hands, I became short of breath, and coughed a lot.

I stated seeing doctors in 2017 for my health.

Dec 2017 I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis with Lung disease.

It took me about 8-12 months to feel better and a year to feel about 60% better.

Finding the right doctors and correct mix of medications to help is the key to helping live with such a rare disease.

Today I have a life of trying to stay healthy and become stronger. I'm not as active as before, I miss the old me.

I maintain hope and pray that a cure can be found for this rare disease to help so many suffering.