Kaniah shares, Stand Strong Together!

Stand Strong Together, Myositis Warriors! 1 min

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💪Stand strong together!May Is Myositis Awareness Month!

Power Is Within.  Myositis FAITH over FEAR.

Stand  Strong Together, Myositis Warriors!

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Kaniah J Gunter

Hello my name is Kaniah Gunter 36 years old I live in Norfolk, Virginia, and the mother of two beautiful kids. In 2007 I was diagnosed with DERMATOMYOSITIS NXP-2(anti-MJ)overlapping of scleroderma and calcinosis. Living with Dermatomyositis has been a rollercoaster ride. Today I am a strong spokesperson for TMA and serve as a Support Group Leader and member of several Myositis online communities and on the Patient Advisory Council for TMA's Myositis Awareness Month Women of Color campaign. Since my diagnosis I have worked really hard to take charge of my health and now studying to be an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach at the nutrition school IIN(Institute for Integrative Nutrition). I have shared my story in several publications bringing Myositis awareness to the communities including The Health Journal and The Final Call. Also on webinars and YouTube with Corbus Pharmaceuticals. I love spreading "LIGHT" while living with this diagnosis and being an INSPIRATION bringing POSITIVELY into my love one's life, community, and uplifting others' spirits. I believe my Gift of inspiration will help guide and heal others to live in the present moment looking at life as a whole mind, body, and spirit. My heart has always been to help others and as I look in the mirror I see my transformation and as Nutritional Health Coach my heart and love to heal others will help guide them to take charge of their own health.

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