Care Giver, A Poem

For Mavis, Love Stella. A Caregiver poem for a dear friend. I am the care giver you see me every where, but what you don’t see is just how I got there. 1 min


Stella shares her poem, “Care Giver,” for Myositis Awareness Month and MSU’s #MyositisLIFE project.I am the care giver you see me everywhere,
But what you don’t see is just how I got there.

I didn’t set out to be a fixer of all things broken,
Just someone who cares without words being spoken.

I try to be a softer spot in a world sometimes dark,
Pulling at both ends so their life won’t fall apart.

I, in truth, feel like I should be doing so much more,
Spending all of my day in and out the revolving door.

I find that I am the court jester when times are truly sad,
Dancing like a puppet when the news is often bad.

I often am on autopilot as we hustle through our day,
Hands grip the rolling chariot as we fight to find our way.

I see people looking past her as if life is but a human race,
Seldom will they stop to notice the worry upon our face.

I want to scream as loud as I can how all lives really matter,
But I find myself silenced by all of the mindless chatter.

I feel like giving up on those that should but refuse to see,
The million broken pieces that fill the days of her and me.

I give of myself will a caring heart it’s what we all should do,
One day we may find ourselves struggling to make it too.

I will continue on you see it’s the path we were meant to share,
To love someone wholeheartedly and show them that I care.

For Mavis
With love, Stella

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